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In his letters to his wife, Doyle reveals not only important military incidents, but in-depth personal thoughts of an ordinary man drafted to serve his country during “The Big One.” They corresponded by letter from the beginning of their relationship in 1942 until his discharge in December 1945. The letters became not only a means of courtship but a means of documenting the daily life of a soldier in preparation for combat leadership. They record the growth and development of a soldier, then an officer, then a husband, then a hero.

The resulting story is an intimate and emotional story. The story is about any soldier in any war, facing the loneliness of separation, the fear of failure, and unfamiliar territory (social, cultural, and environmental). It is about coping.

This book emphasizes the human interest side of war. This book is for those who enjoy a heart-wrenching story with a happy ending—and a true story, at that.

A Few Favorite Excerpts

When I transcribed the following two quotes, I fell in love with this young man who would become my father:

From a letter May 10, 1943  ...you are always the leading lady on the stage of my dreams; you are always in the spotlight of my heart.

October 11, 1943 “I am afraid for the first time since I have been in the Army. I’m not afraid to go overseas but I am afraid of the duties I have now. Presumably they expect me to be a superman. I am so afraid I almost go crazy. Maybe I shouldn’t feel the way I do but I can’t help it. I will tell you that you are everything I have now.”

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About the Author: Leigh W. Callan, biologyLeigh W Callan professor emerita, is the author of laboratory manuals in anatomy/physiology and microbiology.  Here’s My Heart is her first foray into historical nonfiction. For more information write her at 3 Central Plaza #166, Rome, GA 30161-3233, or e-mail to lwcallan@rivermontpress.com 

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